‘The Ride of Our Lives’

It is difficult to find the right words when talking about Midnight Bisou.

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It is even more difficult to do so without becoming emotional. But I feel in order to fully embrace the exciting past few months I can share my own experience Bisou has given me and my family.

She is a dream horse; some may say a once in a lifetime horse (although we hope not.) I feel lucky enough to be along on this journey she has taken us on. Us as in the owners, us as in the lucky people who get to be involved with her.

She has had quite the year, not only undefeated in every race in 2019, she has won TWO Breeders’ Cup challenge races and continues to dominate the division. The immense pride we all have for her is hard to describe. Of course, I am certainly biased, although I am not the only one to say her personality is amazing. She has a great sense of personality, she is sweet, sassy and loves her treats very much. I always wait till the end of my meeting with Bisou to bring out the peppermints, because once I do, she is no longer sweet and cuddly. And you know what, she deserves them! She has a right to demand her favorite sweets, and I will gladly provide them for her for as long as I can.

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This 2019 year has been emotional, exciting and all-encompassing of what this sport is like. What the dream of life is about, as silly as that may sound. Horse racing is best described as a rollercoaster ride, one you never want to get off. It is addicting, frustrating, nerve-wracking and oh-so-great. I feel lucky to have been born into the sport, lucky to have a Dad who works extremely hard to find the success he has, and it is so deserved (although again I am biased.)

When I say this year has especially been emotional, I take into consideration the fact that I am an emotional person, I wear my heart on my sleeve and am passionate about the people and things I care about. Midnight Bisou is one of them. I’ll never begin to thank her enough, and I still try each day to soak in the year we have had, the fun and amazing times she has provided us, and it is only September!

As the year comes closer to an end, I look forward to Breeders’ Cup, the most exciting two days in sports, in my opinion. It’s the place everyone wants to be and we are lucky enough to be in the heart of the excitement.

I am already emotional as we look forward to Fasig-Tipton’s Night of the Stars, where Midnight Bisou will be offered. I’m sure I will be a mess the whole day of the Breeders’ Cup and sale, but I wouldn’t trade those feelings for anything else in the world.

©America’s Best Racing/Penelope Miller

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  • Joe Belfiore says:

    “Addicting, frustrating, nerve wracking, and oh-so-great.” Well said. As a horseplayer the feelings are the same. I’m sure I can speak for most if not all of us. I once read that a big score at the track for a horseplayer was equivalent to touching the hand of God. It is quite a feeling and there aren’t many things in life that can do that.
    Same I’m assuming for horse owners, and owning a champion like Midnight Bisou must be one of the joys of a lifetime.
    Good luck with her in the next few weeks as she continues to take the Bloom Family on an amazing ride.
    I know you guys will miss her, so will we.

  • Sal Governale says:

    Beautiful Hannah. 😢 ❤️ 🐎

  • Sal Governale says:

    Beautifully written Hannah. ❤️ 🐎

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