The New Year brings fresh hopes and fresh horses. Bloom Racing has a strong stable of three-year-olds, plus several top older horses returning to competition. Later in the year, two-year-olds will make ┬átheir debut. Along the way, you will be bombarded with articles about promising newcomers. So many horses – it’s hard to keep up!

While you can always keep track of all Bloom Racing’s horses by following us on our social media platforms (our Twitter is @BloomRacing, Instagram and Facebook are both @BloomRacingStable) and on our website in the “Calendar” or “Portfolio,” section, there might be other horses you’d like to follow.

Actually, it’s easy: Just build a “virtual stable.” A virtual stable is a group of horses you want to follow. It’s free, it’s easy, and best of all there are no stalls to clean and no bills to pay!

Several sites provide the opportunity for fans to put together their own customized “stable” of horses.

A great way to relieve all horse-related information is the free app Horse Races Now. Once downloaded onto cell phone or tablet, users can add specific horses to “follow” and then customize to receive notifications any time that specific horses posts a workout and/or every time the horses is entered into a race. The app has a very explanatory demo video to help users get started, and offers other features, such as race replays and track information.

Once in the app, swipe the screen to the window of “Favorite Horses,” then enter in the names of horses to track. Under the “Alerts” tab, notifications can be customized to be notified of works, entries, results, and other options. For example, a notice can be sent when a horse is entered into a race. Then on race day, users can receive up to two notifications: one 15 minutes before the race (which is very helpful is you have many horses to track) and then again one minute to post time.

(Be aware that keep your sound on a loud notification, you will get a lot comes that can be very distracting!)

Horse Races Now is powered by Equibase, and is not available on a computer. For computer users, go straight to, and look for the notion “Virtual Stable.” From there, it’s the same process: Enter in the names of horses you’d like to follow and for what events (workouts, race entires, race results) you’d like a notification. Emails will be sent when a horse in your virtual stable does one those things. Specific trainers or jockeys can also be followed.

Equibase is a great website, and is a tremendous resource for those who follow racing. Besides each horses’ pedigrees, full race records, sales results and produce records can be found there. Trainer and jockey stats also are available on the website, along with information about tracks.

The Daily Racing Form also provides a free way for people to build a virtual stable. Like Equibase, it is accessible by computer, and notices are sent via email. Simply go to and click on the tab “Watches.” From there, users can select to watch particular horses. Similar options are available on the site, where choices are offered to be notified when a horse works, is entered into a race, or notice can be sent for a race result. Watches for jockeys and trainers are also available.

Virtual stables are flexible. Horses can be added or deleted as desired, so as horses retire or fall out of favor, or as new horses appear on the radar, the stable can stay current.

There’s no reason to miss a favorite horse’s race!

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